About School


Health is a fundamental human right maintainance of optimum level of health entails individual as well social responsibility. However health can be adequately protected by health services without active involvement to the community.

Government believes that ANM plays a vital role in the rural health care delivery system. She should be sensitive and accountable to must the health needs of  the community. She should be able to provide accessible, equitable,affordable and quality health care. ANM can act as a catalyst for promoting inter sectoral convergence in promotive and preventive and health care.

ANM curriculam intends to prepare skilled and effective female health workers to achieve the goals of national rural heath mission which aims to bringing about dramatic improvement in the health system and health status of the country. ANM is community health skills to practice basic health care at a defined level of proficiency in accordance with local conditions and to meet the local needs. Further the programme must fit into the general education pattern as well as nursing education system.